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Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

Big News Today!

I have some big news to share with you today — but before I do, I want to back things up just a bit!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been as busy as a bee learning all I can about Wellness Coaching and becoming a Family Recovery Specialist and I’ve LOVED every minute of it!

Part of training to become a coach involves spending countless hours being coached, and that experience has been a game-changer for me.

Since coaching is new to a lot of people, I wanted to share a few answers to the three biggest questions I had when I started this process. 

So first things first, what is coaching?

Coaching is a discovery partnership formed between a client and a coach.  Each session is focused on increasing self-awareness while identifying and achieving goals in the present. 

Clients get to decide how they want to spend each session and get to talk about what’s most important to them.  In coaching, we believe that you already have the answers, so all we have to do is uncover them.

Can you imagine spending an hour (or more) where all the focus is on you and what’s currently going on in your life with NO distractions and NO interruptions?  It’s heavenly.

Who’s the expert during our sessions?

In coaching, you’re the expert and coaches are facilitators.

Your goals are our goals.  We want to help you become the person you want to be.  It’s that simple.

We want to empower you to make the changes in your life that are important to you and ones that lead to lasting transformation.

Coaches offer support, encouragement, and accountability to help you every step of the way.  

Why choose coaching?

Other professions are available to help people work through issues in their lives, but none capture the unique perspective of coaching.

Instead of focusing on the past, like with therapy or counseling, the focal point with a coach is on the present and the future which can bring about greater mental growth to help individuals set and achieve their own personal goals.  

This approach also differs from a teachers or mentors who use role-modeling to create specific outcomes that don’t always line up with the goals of the person seeking guidance. 

These are just a few of the many things that set coaching apart from other helping professions and make it the unique and undeniable valuable service that it is. 

Coaches are curious people who offer questions and prompts to help you uncover and unlock your unparalleled potential — and I’m thrilled to be one of them! 

Right now, I’m taking on new clients and want to invite you to schedule a discovery call with me to talk more about unlocking your potential! 

You can click on this link, and pick a date and time that works best for you.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

I’m a family-recovery specialist, dedicated to supporting you as you navigate the twists, turns, bumps, detours, highs and lows of your family’s journey with addiction.

My family and I have been on our own journey over nearly two decades of fear, endless tears, sleepless nights, doubt, anxiety, blame, shame, and the unpredictability that comes with addiction. And, though it’s never been easy, I have found a way to thrive again.

I want that for you too. 

Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person.

I cannot express how much integrity this lady, Robbin Folson has.  Her job as a Family Recovery Coach is a natural, and she is outstanding!  One reason you will trust your story with Robbin is that she has been through her own journey and her own pain. When she states she understands, she does.  Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person. She knows how to listen to you, and help you figure out what is next. I would highly recommend Robbin Folson.  You will not regret working with her as YOUR Family Recovery Coach.

Mary Catherine Campbell
Fayetteville, GA

Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

Make Friends with Fear

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