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Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

How do Family Recovery and Wellness Coaching go together?


Well…they go together, like sand and water.  

Having a healthy body, mind, spirit, AND family is one of the biggest secrets to enjoying a full and thriving life.

Often, addiction is a disorder that consumes the whole family.  As family members, we get so caught up trying to “fix” our addicted loved one that we lose sight of how it’s affecting us.

For years, my family rode the ups and downs of this roller coaster, living from one crisis to the next (and sometimes handling more than one at a time).  It’s an awful way to live. And the craziness of our story would scare the life out of most people.

As we try to love and support our addicted loved one, we often suffer in every area of our lives.  Our bodies get sick, our thoughts don’t serve us, and we lose our way in life.  

We aren’t well.

And until we take a step back and look at the situation from a different lense, change will be difficult.

That’s why working with a Family Recovery Specialist can change hearts, lives, and families.  

Here are a few of the advantages of working with a specialist:

  • You’ll begin to identify troublesome thoughts that keep you stuck in the endless cycles of dysfunction and discover ways to overcome them. 
  • You’ll gain insight and inner peace by setting healthy boundaries.
  • You’ll begin to value the relationships in your life (including the one you have with yourself!) instead of living from a place of anger and fear.
  • You’ll begin to lead the way for those you love and become a beacon of empowerment to those who are in this situation with you.  

As you begin your journey of recovery, you will see that wellness coaching is a perfect fit.  It plays an integral role in the process of becoming whole and well.  

A healthy body, mind, and spirit can be compared to a triangle which is the strongest shape in nature.  When we improve each of these three areas, we will have the strength and courage to make the necessary changes in OUR lives.  And model the behavior we want to see in others.

Getting back on the wellness track requires that we become whole, healthy people with whole, healthy families.  To accomplish this, we have to work on improving our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Someone has to take the first step to find recovery.  As family members, we’re the best candidates.  We need to be the change that we want to see in others.

When we begin our journey of recovery, we model the process for our family members and addicted loved ones.  It may seem slow at first, but if we remain faithful, health and wellness are totally attainable!

Click on the link below to schedule a call with me.  We can talk more about how I can help you achieve your goals.

I’m a family-recovery specialist, dedicated to supporting you as you navigate the twists, turns, bumps, detours, highs and lows of your family’s journey with addiction.

My family and I have been on our own journey over nearly two decades of fear, endless tears, sleepless nights, doubt, anxiety, blame, shame, and the unpredictability that comes with addiction. And, though it’s never been easy, I have found a way to thrive again.

I want that for you too. 

Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person.

I cannot express how much integrity this lady, Robbin Folson has.  Her job as a Family Recovery Coach is a natural, and she is outstanding!  One reason you will trust your story with Robbin is that she has been through her own journey and her own pain. When she states she understands, she does.  Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person. She knows how to listen to you, and help you figure out what is next. I would highly recommend Robbin Folson.  You will not regret working with her as YOUR Family Recovery Coach.

Mary Catherine Campbell
Fayetteville, GA

Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

Make Friends with Fear

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