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Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

Learn To Thrive in Uncertain Times

Learning to thrive is not for the faint of heart! 

In life, we experience ups and downs. It’s inevitable. Like Brooke Castillo, a Master Life Coach says, “About half the time we feel wonderful, and the other half not so good.”

So, how do we find that sweet spot where we’re finding more success in life than not?

Well…it’s a process, for sure.   I distinctly remember when the thought entered my mind that I was tired of barely surviving and wanted to thrive.

Surviving and thriving are words that apply to so many different situations in life. They are words that have been used and probably even overused, but they still illustrate perfectly what happened in my life.

While my son was in active addiction, I struggled and brought that energy to my family. It wasn’t until several years into my own recovery that I was able to see that I had been barely surviving for such a long, long, long time.

Barely surviving is a hard place to live. It’s a place filled with daily fear, anxiety, troublesome thoughts, and an unnerving uncertainty about what the future holds. But beneath the weight of barely surviving, all I wanted was some PEACE in my life.

So, I made an announcement.

I announced that the days of barely surviving were over. I was ready to THRIVE.

I felt hesitant even to say it out loud, but I had to. It perfectly described what had happened and what was happening in my life.

I have found that when I get clear on my why (thriving with peace), the what and how seem to magically appear.  

And that’s how THE THRIVE METHOD was born.

The Thrive Method of Family Recovery and Wellness consists of six critical elements for creating a healthy body, mind, spirit, and family.

Here’s the framework for The Thrive Method:

T – Reframe troublesome THOUGHTS   

  •     Understand that the stories we tell  ourselves matter
  •     Discover a proven strategy for reframing your troublesome thoughts
  •     Find the link between your thoughts and your results in life

H – Improve your physical, mental and spiritual HEALTH a little each day

  • Eat whole foods, exercise, and sleep well for a healthy body 
  • Read something inspirational every day, show gratitude, practice mindfulness, and keep a journal to sharpen your mind
  • Use prayer, meditation, and a daily faith practice for your spiritual health 
  • And all-in-all, learn to be a Wellness Warrior.

R – Place a high value on your RELATIONSHIPS

  • Protect your relationships
  • Be genuinely interested in others
  • Be a good listener
  • Focus on the good in others

I – Gain INSIGHT and INNER PEACE by having healthy boundaries  

  • Get crystal clear about what makes you happy
  • Communicate openly with those around you
  • Listen to your gut
  • Be loving and firm with your answers

VVISUALIZE your own Level 10 success

  •  Have a good idea of what you want and why
  •  Get clear on the details
  •  Start visualizing with emotion
  •  Create a daily visualization practice 

EEMBRACE the courage to:

  • Surrender the outcome
  • Empower others to solve their own problems
  • Stay in your own lane
  • Focus on the good in your life

Interestingly enough, I have found that the most important things in my life fit into this framework like a well-worn glove. It’s amazing!  

If you would like to learn more about The Thrive Method and how you can apply it to your life, you can click this link and schedule a call with me today!

I’m a family-recovery specialist, dedicated to supporting you as you navigate the twists, turns, bumps, detours, highs and lows of your family’s journey with addiction.

My family and I have been on our own journey over nearly two decades of fear, endless tears, sleepless nights, doubt, anxiety, blame, shame, and the unpredictability that comes with addiction. And, though it’s never been easy, I have found a way to thrive again.

I want that for you too. 

Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person.

I cannot express how much integrity this lady, Robbin Folson has.  Her job as a Family Recovery Coach is a natural, and she is outstanding!  One reason you will trust your story with Robbin is that she has been through her own journey and her own pain. When she states she understands, she does.  Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person. She knows how to listen to you, and help you figure out what is next. I would highly recommend Robbin Folson.  You will not regret working with her as YOUR Family Recovery Coach.

Mary Catherine Campbell
Fayetteville, GA

Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

Make Friends with Fear

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