Family Recovery Specialist

Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

Master the art of THRIVING in life and in your family

My Philosophy

My philosophy is based on The Thrive Method of Family Recovery and Wellness.  It addresses six areas of recovery necessary for you to be your best in life and for your family.

T – Reframe troublesome THOUGHTS

  • The stories we tell ourselves matter
  • Find the link between your thoughts and your emotions

H – Improve your physical, mental and spiritual HEALTH a little each day

  • Practice self-care
  • Become a Wellness Warrior

R – Place a high value on the relationships in your life

  • Protect your most precious relationships
  • Be genuinely interested in others

    I – Gain INSIGHT and INNER PEACE by having healthy boundaries 

    • Get crystal clear about what makes you happy
    • Communicate with those around you
    • Listen to your gut
    • Be loving and firm with your answers

    V – VISUALIZE your own Level 10 success

    •  Have a good idea of what you want and why
    •  Get clear on the details
    •  Start visualizing with emotions
    •  Create a daily practice 

    E – EMBRACE the courage to:

    • Surrender the outcome
    • Empower others to solve their own problems
    • Focus on the good

    Maybe you have been struggling to survive each day, but with the help of Family Recovery, those days can be over.

    The new you will Master the Art of Thriving and be delighted, thrilled, and completely open to your new future and all it has to offer.

    Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person.

    I cannot express how much integrity this lady, Robbin Folson has.  Her job as a Family Recovery Coach is a natural, and she is outstanding!  One reason you will trust your story with Robbin is that she has been through her own journey and her own pain. When she states she understands, she does.  Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person. She knows how to listen to you, and help you figure out what is next. I would highly recommend Robbin Folson.  You will not regret working with her as YOUR Family Recovery Coach.

    Mary Catherine Campbell
    Fayetteville, GA

    Make Friends With Fear

    Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

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