I thought it would be helpful to put the top resources that I reference in my blog posts in one place. You can be sure if I recommend something to you, I’ve tried it myself and love it. Hopefully you will find this page helpful.

Note: Some of these resources are free and some are not. Many of them are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase them I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Please do not spend money on any of these products unless you want them or think they will help you in some way.

Some of My Favorite Books

Other Resources

Audible: I love to listen to books. It is a huge timesaver for me and I use Audible all the time especially on my iPhone. I listen to books when I drive, workout, walk, or ride my bike. I love the credit system and the convenience. Using Audible allows me to listen to at least one book a week, often more. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Evernote: Everyday I write in Evernote. I find it helpful as a convenient place to keep and store all of my notes. It automatically syncs with my iPhone so I have my notes with me all the time.

Robert Lustig: In this lecture, Robert Lustig explains exactly how our bodies process sugar and alcohol. This is the best explanation I have heard to date on sugar and it’s effects on the body.

The Five-Minute Journal: The format used in this journal is the same one that I use every day although my writing is done on the computer. I love the way this journal is formatted. Journaling has been a lifesaver for me. If you want to start journaling and like the pen and paper way of doing things, this is a great journal to use.

Elan Musk: First Principles is a new way of looking at problems for most of us. In this interview with Kevin Rose, Musk defines the theory, gives an example and explains how to use it.

Bluehost: Interested in starting your own blog? For as little as $3.95, you can secure a hosting company for your blog. I use Bluehost and have been extremely happy. Bluehost offers great customer service. They will help you register your domain and install WordPress. You can have a blog up and running in a short time.

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