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Workshop Facilitation

I offer hands-on workshops for parents who love an adult child struggling with addiction. In the workshops, we’ll focus on a variety of topics that will aid parents in their own recovery journey.

I’m currently booking events for 2020.  You can click here to schedule a discovery call with me.

Yes, that’s right, I said your ‘family’s’ journey with addiction. Because while your son or daughter may be the only one abusing alcohol and/or drugs, I believe that addiction is a disease that affects every single member of your family. 

When you hire me as a facilitator, you can expect:

Individual, small group or large group interaction — you choose!

Participants will be engaged in activities, worksheets, and break-out sessions for direct application of the information presented.

Research-based content will be provided in each session.

Along with providing rich content that’s relevant to the everyday problems faced by parents, other resources will also be available for further exploration.

A practical step-by-step process for overcoming adversity with be revealed.

Parents will be provided with a systematic way to tackle everyday problems that surface when loving an addict.

Tools will be provided for participants to use immediately.

Parents will be given immediate access to proven strategies for conquering the troublesome areas in their lives.

Real-life examples will be provided to illustrate each point throughout.

To further enhance the information being provided, varied examples will be provided to ensure understanding. 


Each workshop can be 45, 90 or 120 minutes long and is designed to provide critical takeaways for maximum learning. At the end of each workshop, participants will have a set of tools necessary to tackle the problems encountered when loving an adult child who suffers from addiction. 

Each of the topics below is designed to provide immediate relief and structure to a complex problem and are just some examples of my most popular topics.

  • Family Recovery
  • Reframing troublesome thoughts 
  • Gaining insight and inner peace by setting healthy boundaries
  • Embracing the courage to surrender the outcome
  • Visualizing your own level 10 success


Q&A Sessions

Participants may also take part in an informal 60 minute Q&A session. In these sessions, the topics are generated by the interest and questions of the members of the group. These sessions are offered in a private small-group setting to encourage open and honest dialogue between the members. A list of curated resources is provided for each individual on the topic of the Q&A session.

Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person.

I cannot express how much integrity this lady, Robbin Folson has.  Her job as a Family Recovery Coach is a natural, and she is outstanding!  One reason you will trust your story with Robbin is that she has been through her own journey and her own pain. When she states she understands, she does.  Robbin is a loving, giving and accepting person. She knows how to listen to you, and help you figure out what is next. I would highly recommend Robbin Folson.  You will not regret working with her as YOUR Family Recovery Coach.

Mary Catherine Campbell
Fayetteville, GA

Make Friends With Fear

Three Ways to Tame that Wild, Hairy Beast

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